Sunday, 11 November 2012


Finally ours! Was a slightly stressful week last week, making sure I had the funds at handover was tight, but made it happen! My schedule ran almost seamlessly: Handover was Thursday instead of Wednesday as the wrong oven had been delivered. Floors went in Thurs/Fri before handover (we had to sign a releases saying we would be responsible if the stove guys scratched the floor as it wasn't going in until Monday). The weekend saw me finish packing and getting the in-laws place cleaned up (mostly, our bedroom was still left dusty but with it being an hour away it just didn't happen alas! My amazing hubby was off putting in ensuite basins and lugging all the boxes I had packed! Monday was the official move, Removalists couldn't fit all our stuff, OMG! So a few extra trips during the week and a final load this weekend sees us OUT! My sister was at the house to meet the carpet guy at 9am, he didn't arrive until 11 and it took him until 5 to do 4 rooms. The Removalists didn't tell me they busted the corner/wheel off my desk, naughty! We have been non stop from before dawn to well after dark. I think with so much to do it is hard to work out what to do first!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


We have been given our final inspection date! We are excited to be so close! I am nervous about getting everything else timed right, I have no time off owing as I started a new job, so I have no idea when we are going to actually move! :) But soon we have a house! Yay!

FIXING - Done And Dusted

Fixing was completed mid-September. We got a brief look around while a tradie was onsight and it is all looking great! The story with relation to the plumbing for the fridge is quite comical... Response to our email about the the incorrect positioning of this outlet was swift and clear: letter "do not enter this site anymore". Of course all visits from that point on have been covertly ;). So they blue boarded the tap into the wrong place and they prepared for painting in the wrong place and finally the ripped it out if the wrong place and stuck it in the rightvplace...*sigh* so really it cost them more money and effort than a little pre-warning from me had hoped they would save. But then with a fixed price water off my back. As I am writing quite a bit down the track, new entry for where we are now!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Roughing in

What excitement! The sparky and plumber have been in! We have done a once over, checking point placement and taps. So far so good, just one plumbing issue, the fridge tap seems to be in the Pantry! But I have emailed the picture to the builder - thank goodness the plasters broke the front door off when delivering or we may not have known :) a few played seem to be missing from the electrical plan, but I am assuming this is a placement issue and they will come soon enough. Photos to come...

Sunday, 12 August 2012


We have bought a dishwasher, what a BARGAIN! I purchased it online, with free delivery from Sydney and the best personalised service I have encounter from an online store, I will recommended from my one and only experience and I will definitely be shopping with them again and again!


Grande series


  • 7 wash programs with 3 in 1 function
  • Full electronic control by PC board
  • 12 place settings
  • 2.5 star energy rating / 4 star water rating
  • Half load and Rapid wash function
  • Twin Sliding Cutlery baskets
  • Concealed heating element
  • Quick height adjustable basket
  • Aquasafe syste


Primera Series

  • 7 multi function oven
  • 1 touch electric ignition
  • 115L Gross / 95L net Usable Volume
  • LED Clock Full program timer
  • Easy clean removable oven inner door glass
  • Contained cavity cooling
  • Height adjustable stainless steel legs
  • Manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel finish
  • Cast iron trivets
  • Storage warmer drawer

90cm Stainless Steel Canopy

Primera Series 


  • Air flow 700m3/hr
  • 3 speed push button
  • Ducted or recirculating air movement (optional kits available)
  • 150mm air outlet
  • 3 x aluminium filters

@ Lock Up!

We finally made it! Lock up stage! Yippee!

The roof is on, the twirly whirlies are on and the temporary front door is in place.  We are SO happy with the colours we have chosen so far! The light roof not only looks good but promises a cooler house due to its reflective properties.

The ceiling batts are up in the roof, all ready to go and the electrical wires are all in place.  There are a couple of electric plates missing, hopefully all the power points turn up in the end!

 On the LEFT, last week with roof on but no insulation.

On the RIGHT, this week with wall insulation, ceiling batts in waiting and the sliding door frame in.

BELOW, how exciting to see the bath frame in - lots of wires all over the place.

It is great to see the full size of our yard now, although the scaffolding still doesn't allow us to start planning in ernest our garden and landscaping.

Such a mess on the nature strip! Ah dear!

I am assuming plumbing comes next, followed closely by plaster - how exciting!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Oh So Wet!

We went down to visit today, the battens are on the roof ready for colorbond but it just seems to RAIN SO MUCH!  It has been sitting on the yellow tongue so long now that the seams are starting to bulge, i have no idea what that do about it but we won't be able to lay floorboards unless it is flat :( Hopefully it goes back when it dries or worst case they sand it for us before we take over.

It is quite disheartening at this stage to see it all so wet, but i am hoping it all turns around soon and it starts looking more like i would hope.

I am happy with the colours we have chosen, the Woodland Grey is great! It was looking a little blue in some pictures which had me concerned the ironstone had gone on instead, but no it is all good!